Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vegas revisted

So due to a bachelor party and some friends going, I shall be going back to Sin City at the end of October for a few days of gambling and debauchery.

Last night live(1-2NL, 10 handed), loose game...I limp utg with JJ, mp1 raises to 22, from a fairly tight player, 3 callers, the original raiser is the short stack and has about 40 or so left after he put in the 22.

What is the plan of action? What options do you have.
My stack is ~260.
Lets take folding out of the choices.

Whats the best play? Help...thoughts???

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Upcoming events

Trip planned to Vegas for a bachelor party Aug 3-6th

WSOP event $1500 buy-in NLHE looks like a plan for that Saturday.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

New job

So I accepted a new job at a company called CyberTrader. I start on June 6th. I am pretty excited.

Nothing with poker of late, just dealing, I can't even come up with any exciting or interesting hands to write about. Its all a blur.

Gamblin Steve and Wyatt have started a game up again, I will have to check that out next Wed.

I think I dominate Tiger Wood '06 for the XBOX 360, all challenges welcome!

Friday, May 19, 2006

So, I came back from Winstar and was amazed at how shitty my cards were and how I just handed my money away. I played at a 2-5 NL on Sat night for about 2.5 hours, for the first hour and a half, all everyone did was limp, limp, limp. Limp with Aces, Kings, Queens...didnt matter, it was about 7-8 handed and about 6 to the flop each time, I was usually watching since my cards sucked.
I should have stuck with 5-10 limit, and been happy. But whats the fun in that?

I have no business playing 5-10 no limit.

Per the ALL in from the porch blog, i wish poker rooms were legal here, I would have a new job which would make me happy in no time.

I am waiting to hear back from CyberTrader from my interview last Friday, background check and then maybe an offer. I am ready to give notice here, and have a few days off.

I did better playing blackjack at the winstar. Made 300 playing like an idiot. Its not enough that the odds are against you in BJ, but they charge you 50 cents per hand to play as well...thanks.

I went bowling on Tuesday rolled a 142, first game. Best in my group.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Winstar get ready!

The duck is heading to the stinkhole of OK this weekend. Should be fun playing with the local 3 toothed players in okie. I wish I had OU sucks t-shirts.
I should be there all Friday long. And we'll see if a Saturday is needed if I run hot.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Newest Blogger to Austin

As if there aren't 10 million bloggers out there, one more has come your way.

I suppose it would help if I learned more about this blogging phenomenon, but whatever.

Some poker stories are sure to follow.